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Historic Garden Park Fossil Area 


Amanda Farnham Felch comes to life

As I have been researching the Marsh Felch Dinosaur Quarry story, I've become acquainted with Amanda Farnham Felch and over time have come to appreciate her toughness, kindness, and ability to get things done.  She has become famous in her own right for the tremendous...

The Historic Oil Well

Location: The historic oil well location is a road side stop with no pull off.  A visitor would need to pull off along the edge of the road in a safe location near the plaque in order to view the plaque.   It is located 5.8 miles north of Canon City starting at the...

Marsh Felch Dinosaur Quarry Trail

Location:  The trail head is located 6.3 miles north of Canon City, starting at Reynolds and US Highway 50.   Take Reynolds north to Fields and proceed north merging with Fremont County Road 9.   Proceed past the Cleveland Dinosaur Quarry and the trail head is just...

 Marshall and Amanda

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