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Toadstool Geological Park is located in the northwest corner of Nebraska. Its closest major town is Chadron Nebraska. It is within the Ogallala National Grassland managed by the USFS. This is the access information to that site.










Steven Veatch with the Western Interior Paleontology Society produced a write up about this park that is well done.

Toadstool Geological Park is a part of the fossil freeway in Western Nebraska which features several outstandingly nice sites.  I’ll write up one on Agate Fossil Beds in a few days which is well worth a visit.

Chris (my son) and I visited the park Sunday morning on March 22, 2015 when it was nice and cool outside and had calm weather.  This is a beautiful time of year to visit the site.


Our goal was to take some video of the site using Chris’s DJI phantom 2 we now call Leaf and capture the feel of the area for you.

Chris completed this short video on the same day.





Thank you for watching.